The stomachs were still stuffed with Christmas cookies and the new year hangover was barely over when we prepared ourselves for the next highlight of this young year. The WU Ball in Hofburg palace is every year the occasion where the ladies show off their most stunning looks and the men become real gentlemen. Viennese Balls have a long tradition and the music and dancing are an integral part of it. To live up to the tradition, the SCM Network Sports Section organized a dancing lesson for everybody who wanted to make their first steps or who wanted to brush up their skills.

The lesson was given by Carina and Thomas Block who both have experience with assisting in dancing schools as well as competitive dancing. They started us off with a Boogie, which was fun to start with since the steps where relatively easy and the music was fun. Not long into our practice we also learned figures that made the ladies and our heads spin. Second on the agenda was the king of dances, the Waltz. No ball is opened without a Waltz, so we tried our best to make those turns look elegant. Some success can be reported at this point, mostly due to the fact that no toes were severely hurt. Next up was the popular ChaCha followed by the similar but slower Rumba. After more than two and a half hours of practice our coaches  showed us how it’s really done, giving us all something to aspire to.  A very good number of 16 participants made this event a fun and educating experience.