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Just as supply chain management focuses on creating win-win situations for all participants of the value chain, the SCM Network Vienna strives to be beneficial to all its members. It enables an international, amicable exchange of knowledge, ideas and skills and brings together theory and practice, experience and emerging talent, opportunities and potential.

Markus VejvarStudent of the Batch 2012 (Austria)

It’s a great forum to stay united on a common platform for all current and former students – while maybe divided either by nationality, work, location or business; but yet share the same culture as “MSc SCM (WU)”. I take pride to be a member of an extremely specialized network and hope to exchange valuable ideas, thoughts and experience.

Dhanavanth Reddy MaditatiStudent of the Batch 2013 (India)

The network keeps up the principles of SCM: cross-functional relationships, global thinking and diversity – even after graduating from this Master’s program. Great to be part of it!

Nina HauserStudent of the Batch 2011 (Austria)

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