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On Friday, 16/12/16, a group of 30 SCM students and alumni made their way to Vienna-Aspern in order to explore the impressive motor and gearbox assembly plant of the Opel Wien company.

After arriving at the plant and receiving a quick security briefing, the group embarked on a two-hour tour through the production facilities and learnt about the sophisticated production equipment and processes from an experienced guide. Many of the visitors were impressed by the way they saw the contents of their Operations lecture come to life in such a graphic way.

Following the tour, the group returned to the show room of the premises in order to snap a few group pictures in front of Opel’s finished products. The next point on the agenda was an interactive talk by Mr. Fath, a logistics expert in charge of managing the supply chain aspects of the powertrain assembly plant. Mr. Fath gave a quick overview about his responsibilities and the supply chain strategies of Opel Aspern, and then invited the students to an extensive Q&A session – an opportunity that many of the visitors grasped by eagerly asking questions about countless interesting logistics and procurement issues.

In the end, we all took away a great insight into the real world application of supply chain and production management – thank you to the Opel Wien GmbH for providing us with this unique experience!

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