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Wednesday October 28th 2016 marked the start of the first-ever WelcomeWeek. The sun was shining, faces were happy, and everyone was eager to get to know their new classmates. 40 new students of batch 2016 participated in the event which lasted three days.

After a short welcome by the WelcomeWeek guides and the SCM Network board members, the group moved to the Prater park. Here, icebreaker games such as ‘Nature Calls’ and ‘Two Truths And A Lie’ were played. After a lovely lunch at L’Osteria, the new students were shown around WU campus. In the afternoon we went back to Prater and played another round of icebreaker games in the sun.

On Thursday six groups, each consisting of five new students and a guide, were sent into the city with a paper containing 22 missions. A variety of tasks had to be performed in order to win the Scavenger Hunt. Teams had to take pictures eating Sachertorte, drinking an Ottakringer beer, with a man in Lederhosen, and with many other typical Viennese and Austrian objects. Furthermore, the new students had to solve several riddles and find the location of pictures taken in the city. In the evening all teams met at a Viennese restaurant where they were introduced to their fellow SCM Master colleagues and alumni during the monthly SCM Network Stammtisch.

On Friday the group relaxed to prepare for a night out. Students of batch 2015 and 2016 alike met in sunny Prater and everybody brought a snack to share with their new friends. Sports such as badminton, frisbee, and soccer were played for those who preferred being a bit more active. At night everybody met to share a long night out before the academic year would start.

At the end of the week everyone had gotten to known a few (or in some cases even many) of their new colleagues and students from batch 2015. We look back on an amazing three days and are looking forward to organising more great event for the new batch of students!

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