What is better than a nice meal to get to know more about a country’s culture?

With that aim, on Thursday 30th of March, SCM Master students presented the very best of their countries by preparing delicious typical dishes and desserts. Some examples were mexican chilaquiles, austrian schnitzel, german frikadellen, irani kabab, greek feta pie, lebanese kurkuma cake, spanish tortilla, american brownies, costa rican patacones dutch hotdogs, turkish borek…and many, many more!

In total 15 countries were represented and participants could move around the tables tasting and talking about each other’s countries, enjoying nice food and company. Everybody ended up happy with very -very- full stomachs (there was even food left for some lucky ones who took it home :)).

SCM Master being so international, this kind of event is the perfect opportunity to get to know better our fellow SCMers and broaden even more our horizons. Given its success, it won’t be the last SCM International Dinner to come!