On January 11th 2023, the SCM-Network had the opportunity to visit the Takeda Manufacturing Site in Vienna. The event started with a welcoming presentation of the company’s vision, values, main operations, and its focus. After that, students were split into two groups and had the opportunity to visit the Central Warehouse or Finishing & Packaging of Takeda. During these tours, the students were given insightful information about the required procedures when it comes to the handling of different goods, from inbound to outbound. 

Afterwards, the students gathered together during a short break accompanied by snacks and drinks and had a nice discussion regarding the tours.  Shortly after the break session, students were introduced to four small case studies regarding Takeda’s supply chain operations. The case studies represented events faced by the company in the replenishment, tender, risk management, and digitalization area. Each of the groups discussed their ideas and was mentored by one of the company representatives. In the end, each group shared their findings through a 5-minute presentation.

At the end of the event, students were given a brief presentation from the Takeda HR department regarding career opportunities offered by the company in the supply chain area.

The SCM Network would like to thank Takeda and especially Heidrun Rosic, Julia Trondl, Martin Wendang, Daniel Stifter, Jehona Jashari and Kwai Ching YU for this great event.