With nearly 30 participants, we held our first Online Game Night on November 27th!

Another opportunity to catch up with some network members during the lockdown and to spend some time with each other on an otherwise (maybe) lonely Friday night.

We hosted this event again over Zoom with different break-out rooms, where the participants could choose the room and therefore the games they wanted to play.

The games played:

Among us: try to find the imposter on a spaceship who is trying to kill the whole crew

Skribbl: draw a word that was chosen by the game and let your colleagues guess

Online Wizard: usually a card game where you have to guess how many tricks you will take to get the most points

Online Codenames: guessing which words in a set are related to a hint-word given by another player while avoiding guessing the words of the other team

We loved to see many faces from many different batches and had a great evening with you! 😊

Thanks for participating!