On December 9th 2022, the SCM Network was invited to visit Accenture’s office for a joint case study event. Accenture is a global leading consultancy with over 700.000 employees worldwide of which more than 2.000 are located in Austria. 

The event started with a brief company presentation, informing us of the structure and opportunities at Accenture. We were joined by Franziska Behrens (Strategy Manager), Simon Funken (Strategy Consultant), Kathrin Zero (Strategy Consultant), Anna-Lena Fischer (Management Consulting Analyst), Julia Klasing (Strategy Analyst) and Kathrin Bechtold (Strategy Analyst). They illustrated their path towards and in Accenture as well as sharing past experiences and the Accenture culture with us. The students were then divided into groups and tasked with a case study on decarbonization of supply chains with a focus on transportation and warehousing. Each group was given a different regional focus and supported by the present Accenture team representing the client function. After close to two hours the respective groups presented their results receiving feedback from the highly skilled consultants.

Afterwards, the Accenture team took over again and provided the students with insights on the career opportunities at Accenture, and how they could join. Furthermore, also presenting the results of the case study as well as their actual solution to the client’s problem. 

Once the formal part of the event concluded, Accenture invited the students for a lunch and networking event where everyone talked over food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

The SCM Network would like to thank Accenture and especially, Franziska Behrens, Simon Funken, Kathrin Zero, Anna-Lena Fischer, Julia Klasing and Kathrin Bechtold for the great event.