Although we had somewhat hopes to have a real pub quiz in 2021, we had a great start into the new year with our second online Pub Quiz – Lockdown edition – for the SCM Network on January 15th. In total 35 members took part in the quiz using the online platform Zoom once again.

The pub quiz included 34 questions about different categories: the SCM network, general knowledge, true or false questions, city skylines, celebrity pets and animals. In the beginning, the teams had some time to get to know each other and to come up with a creative team name. Then, the questions were explained in the so-called “main room” by the hosts. Eventually, the teams were sent to the “breakout rooms” and had a couple of minutes for each question to discuss their answers. All answers were gathered in a Google form and sent to the hosts after the pub quiz was over.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the first online social event of the new year 2021 and want to congratulate the winning teams! The whole evening was great fun and we’re looking forward to all future online events and hoping at some point we can all actually meet in person again 😊

1st Place: “Mexicans for Austria” (Vasileios, Sandra, Ela, Miranda, Boris and Paul)

2nd Place: “Trucker babes” (Anna-Lena, Kathi, Iulia, Kevin and Florian)

3rd Place: “High Five” (Flo, Tonio, Lara and Dominik)