On Friday, November 27th 2020 the SCM Network held the first Corporate event of the year in cooperation with Accenture. Due to the situation surrounding the pandemic, the workshop was held in an online setting in MS Teams. The workshop was opened by an introduction of the company and then followed by a case discussion and presentation.

Consultants of different hierarchical levels and with different fields of expertise introduced themselves and the company. Sebastian Honold, a senior manager, introduced us to his career path and the strategic missions of the company. Kathrin Zero, an SCM alumni, and Maurice Cisneros further introduced Accenture and its employment opportunities for SCM students. Karin Khouri and Sandra Herzog were also supporting the presentation with their insights and experiences. Following the extensive company presentation, the students split up in groups and got to crack a case related to the current pandemic circumstances in the field of SCM. Finally, the students presented their findings and discussed the different outcomes! After the workshop ended, the students could ask questions to Kathrin and Maurice in an informal setting.

The SCM Network would like to thank Accenture and all Consultants present for organizing the workshop! We hope to be able to collaborate again in near future.