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On January 14th, the Austrian Center For Digital Production (CDP) hosted a group of SCM students in their pilot plant in Seestadt, Vienna. The CDP was founded in August 2017 and is one of the leading institutions in Research and Development focusing on flexible manufacturing atomization, machine-to-machine communication and production networks. The center also cooperates with numerous partners ranging from companies to the TU Wien.

The students were welcomed by Macijei Filipek, a former SCM Master student, who graduated in 2018. The plant visit started with a tour around the pilot plant and was completed with a short introduction to the world of 3D-printing with the on-site 3D-printer.

This tour was followed by an interesting presentation by Prof. Alfred Taudes explaining the different areas of Research with a special emphasis on his own area “Area 5 – Digital Industrial Society” as well as the development of digital production.

The students enjoyed their visit to the pilot plant due to its interesting content and a very personal environment leaving space for their questions, which were all happily answered by the team.

The SCM Network would like to thank CDP for hosting us and giving great insights into their research and work.

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