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On Saturday (10.06), the SCM Network participated in the 2017 WU Beach Volleyball Tournament, organised by the WU Masters’ Summit!
This year two mixed teams (SCM Push and SCM Pull) took part in the tournament to represent the SCM Network. Overall 16 teams from 11 different Master programs from WU participated. A lot of our fans came over to support our teams. The great fan support always makes a difference! Both teams played very well but the competition was also really good this year. The first team tightly didn’t make it to the quarter finals and the second team achieved a good fourth place. Afterwards all teams celebrated together the nice day at a BBQ directly at the Alte Donau.

Congratulations to all our athletes, and a big thank you to all our fans. Moreover, a lot of thanks to Andreas and Lucas for organizing our teams and the practice sessions! Also a big thank you for the great tournament organization of the Master Summit consisting of our SCM students Diana, Kathi, Ozan and Kevin.

We would like to especially thank cargo-partner for their support in our sports activities.

Check out the pictures of our SCM teams and fans in action taken by Yvette, Selina and Christoph.