#SCMgoes Beachvolleyball – WU Master Summit Beachvolleyball Tournament

#SCMgoes Beachvolleyball – WU Master Summit Beachvolleyball Tournament

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Dear readers,

Last June, an awesome Inter-Masters Beach Volleyball tournament was organized by the WU Masters’ Summit.

After one day playing in the sun, our brave SCM athletes Heidi, Jasmine, Loes, Nicholas, Pirmin and Reddy (SCM Unchained) were victorious in the 4 vs. 4 category! Great games and a well-deserved victory.

SCM was also fantastically represented in the 2 vs. 2 category, with 2 teams: Johannes/Stephanie and Tobias/Bea.

Thanks to the numerous players and the incredible crowd of SCM fans – you couldn’t have made this afternoon more epic than it was!

Below, you can find a gallery looking back to the awesomeness of this event!

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