For the third time already, the SCM Network organized the Welcome Week for the new incoming students of the SCM Master program. From 26. – 28. September, more than 40 students of Batch 2018 joined this event for three days full of activities, fun and SCM spirit.

Welcome Week 2018 officially started on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at WU campus, where the SCM Network board and Welcome Week guides greeted the new batch with drinks and a small snack, followed by a short presentation of the SCM Network. Afterwards the group moved to Prater for a set of games, which helped everyone to get to know each other in a casual and relaxed environment. Apart from figuring out how international Batch 2018 is and attempting to memorize everyone’s names, other essential issues such as “pineapple on pizza – yes or no?” were broached as well. Wednesday ended with dinner at L’Osteria, where the new students also had the opportunity to meet Prof. Tina Wakolbinger, the program director of the SCM Master at WU.

On Thursday, all students that are new to WU were able to join a campus tour, which featured some tips and tricks, the most important buildings and computer labs, the master lounge as well as the best caffeine and food sources on campus. Afterwards the famous scavenger hunt took place. Six groups, each lead by two members of the upper batch, roamed through the streets of Vienna in order to solve the different tasks and to find the fox, an upper batch student dressed in a fox costume provided by Agathe Zeller (Batch 2014). Finding the fox was not an easy task, as the fox’s current position was only revealed through a picture in a text message and changed after 30 minutes. Yet, several groups managed to do it and received a surprise as well as extra points. In the evening all the scavenger crews met at Schweizerhaus, where they were welcomed by about 30 alumni from batches 2013-2016 at the September Stammtisch of the SCM Network.

The last day of Welcome Week featured the traditional party to give the new batch also an insight into the Viennese nightlife.

A huge shoutout to all the Welcome Week helpers and alumni, who came to the Stammtisch to give the new batch such a warm welcome – keep up the SCM spirit!

All that’s left to say is: Welcome to Vienna and the SCM Network, Batch 2018! We wish you all the best for your studies and time in the most livable city in the world :-).

All the best,

Your SCM Network