On the first weekend of December (03.12), the SCM Network participated in the 2017 Football Tournament, organised by the WU Masters’ Summit!

Our team, consisting of 11 players from both batches currently studying, took part in the tournament to represent the SCM Network and the Master Program. Along came fans that created an incredible atmosphere throughout the tournament! Our fans were the largest group and made the difference for achieving the best result ever: for the first time the team earned a spot on the podium, a successful third place!!

Huge congratulations to all our athletes that trained hard to reach this amazing result, a big thank you to the great number of fans who joined and supported us, and a special thank you to Laura Hernandez, our captain, for organising and preparing our team!

We would like to thank cargo-partner for their support in our sports activities.

Check out the pictures below to see our SCM teams and fans in action!