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On October 19th, cargo-partner hosted 28 SCM students at their headquarters in Austria. Cargo-partner offers worldwide transport and info-logistics services for a wide range of industries.

The students were welcomed by Verena Mollner who was available all day as an HR representative. The presentations started with Mr. Ralf Reischütz, Business Development Manager, who gave an introduction about the company, key statistics from 2017, and the service portfolio offered by cargo-partner. This was followed by presenting an SCM-related case study which led to a very interesting discussion time with the students. Next, we were introduced to Spotworx, a startup sister company to cargo-partner, by Mathias Payer and Marcel Potvorszki (an alumnus of the SCM Master program). The students then had time to network over some finger food which fueled them for the last share of the event.

Finally, the day ended with a tour of their newly-opened warehouse that provides innovative equipment for storing and handling goods. The students got to experience, hands-on, the operations of the warehouse.

The SCM Network would like thank cargo-partner for hosting us and giving great insights into their world.

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