33 SCM Network students and alumni who enjoy drinking Ottakringer beer went a step further and took a glance behind the scenes of the famous Ottakringer brewery on June 13th  in an event organized by the SCM Network Corporate Section.

After arriving at the site in the 16th district of Vienna, a professional guide took us on a tour through the brewery, both pointing out the rich history of Ottakringer and explaining the process of brewing and bottling all the different types of beer.

Following the tour, we had the chance to have a few cool and freshly tapped glasses of different Ottakringer beers. Meanwhile, Mrs. Antony from Ottakringer’s supply chain department joined us with a short talk and a Q&A session about the company’s demand and production planning, ERP systems and inventory management.

In the end, this visit has not only provided interesting insights into the brewing process as well as supply chain management in the beverage business, but also made everyone more aware of where our beloved Ottakringer beer comes from.

Thank you Ottakringer for the invite, and thank you Michael, Kathi, Anna and Sarah for your help organizing. Also thank you to everyone who shared their photos of the day.