On 13th of January, 20 students of the SCM master were going to the ‘Albert Schulz Eishalle’ to watch an Ice Hockey game of the Vienna Capitals. The team was playing against the Graz 99ers. The Vienna Capitals were the favorites and according to the previous games, they were supposed to win. At first sight it could be seen that the supporters from Vienna were in large majority!  As the game started the ambiance in the stadium heated up and the networkers would cheer for the city team! Lamoureux the goal keeper of the Vienna Capitals did a great job, however, that did not prevent the Grazers to win the game by 3-1. During that game the Graz 99ers were totally dominating the ice ring. This game was a great opportunity for some of the networkers to discover this sport and for some others to watch a pro team in real!