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Last Friday (21.10.2016) a group of 30 students visited the headquarters of our partner cargo-partner in Fischamend near Vienna’s airport Schwechat.

The day began with a warm welcoming speech by Mr Pichler, the head of HR Austria. After this, the students received a detailed insight into the world of supply chain management at cargo-partner by Mr Payer, a business analyst for the Supply Chain Management Solutions. This was mostly focused on the supply chain solutions currently implemented at the company. This study-program related topic was followed by a general presentation of the company, its development, and challenges it is currently facing by the founder and chairman Mr Krauter.

After a break for snacks and drinks, the students were guided through the warehouse on the grounds of cargo-partner. The different areas were presented and explanations were given concerning the daily operations of the warehouse. Everyone was very interested in seeing the operations in a warehouse in practice instead of from a text book.

A big thank you to cargo-partner, especially Ms Mollner, for inviting us to their headquarters and giving us such interesting insights into their business.

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