On Saturday May 28th 2016, a group of 10 SCM students, alumni and friends participated in a fun beach dodgeball tournament organized by Dodgeball Austria. Geared up with our SCM Network sports shirts, made possible through our sponsorship with cargo-partner, they competed against 7 other teams in the round phase – in total more than 60 teams participated! Although they played in the “fun league” with a lot of teams wearing funny costumes, the competition was tough, and the SCM team did not make it past the round phase, despite the loud and encouraging cheers of some SCM fans who came to Neusiedl am See for the occasion. The most important thing is to participate right… 😉 ?

Overall, the team and its cheerleaders had a lot of fun and enjoyed a summer day around the lake, swimming and playing beach games. The perfect opportunity to get their heads away from working and studying just for one day!
Check out our snapshot of this fun day.