As the last corporate event of this academic year, on Wednesday, June 16th we again welcomed Accenture who introduced us to their Supply Chain and Operations business. After a short introduction of the topics which are covered in this part of the consultancy, two consultants walked us through real life projects done by Accenture. The first case presented was a network optimization and Eike Triller walked us through the process of the consulting project starting with problem definition and scenario evaluation and finally explaining the new target picture and the results of the project. The second case showed the relevance of global trade for international companies. Here, the students learnt about the foreign trade framework of Accenture which enables companies to optimize compliance, customs clearance and their exposure to tariffs. During the last 20 minutes Kathrin Zero presented the application process and career path at Accenture, complemented by comments about their own experience by the participating consultants.

The SCM Network would like to thank the consultants for presenting the Supply Chain business at Accenture and the company for the great ongoing collaboration with the network. We are looking forward to further events in the future! If you have questions about Accenture, feel free to contact Eike ( or Kathrin(