On March 17th  2021, Marlene Blacx Consulting together with Parques Reunidos and the SCM Network hosted a joint corporate online event.

Marlene Blacx Consulting is a successful boutique consulting firm with extensive expertise in the field of cost optimization and profitability projects for amongst others Private Equity Portfolio Companies. The SCM Network was happy to also welcome two representatives of Marlene Blacx Consulting’s former client, Parques Reunidos, to the event. Parques Reunidos is one of the biggest funfair operators operating more than 60 amusement parks, aqua parks and zoo’s all around the world. Therefore, it was possible for 15 selected Network members to gain deep insights and a holistic view on how a real consulting project is approached and executed.

The event’s agenda included presentations of the teams of Marlene Blacx and Parques Reunidos, which were involved in the project, as well as a detailed overview of both companies and the branches in which they operate. Moreover, the project was presented and specific characteristics and challenges were outlined. The whole meeting was held in an interactive dialogue manner allowing network members to ask questions and participate in discussions about SCM-related topics throughout the whole event. Finally, the meeting was topped off by a question and answering session, where the experienced consultants from Marlene Blacx Consulting shared their personal consultancy experiences.