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Last Sunday, along with 42,000 runners and close to one million spectactors along the way, the SCM Network also participated in the 33rd Vienna City Marathon!

Two relay teams and one full marathoner, Johan Cantú, ran in our freshly delivered SCM Network sports shirts! We would like to thank cargo-partner for their support in our sports activities.

With SCM fans present along the race, at the handover points and at the finish line, our runners were encouraged all throughout their 42.195 kilometer-long journey, bringing smiles on their faces!!

A huge congratulations to all our runners, and a big thank you to the many fans who joined at different points along the race.

See below for results and pictures of the event. Thank you to Yvette for coordinating the fans and taking those wonderful pictures!

SCM Relay Team #2654:

Peter Wiedner (16.3 km)

Anna Köttgen (5.5 km)

Gesine Koinzer (9.1 km)

Nils Paffenholz (11.3 km)

Total net time (as recorded with the VCM app): 3:28:43

SCM Relay Team #3243:

Niclas Bastian (16.3 km)

Matthias Kaiser (5.5 km)

Benjamin Konzett (9.1 km)

Florian Leeb (11.3 km)

Total net time (as recorded with the VCM app): 3:36:56

SCM Marathoner #4447: Johan Cantú
Total net time (as recorded with the VCM app): 4:14:10

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