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It is a cold and dark night in December when a group of Networkers walks through Vienna’s beautiful first district. They all enter one of the old monumental buildings: Melker Stiftskeller. This is where the first ever SCM Network Christmas Dinner will be held. A whopping number of 71 members came together to celebrate the festive month of December.

The spacious basement was filled with the smell of good food and beer. Once everyone had taken their seat, a first drink was offered by the SCM Network to thank its members for being part of the Network. It was the beginning of a night of drinking and eating in the good company of colleagues and friends. After a while the buffet was opened and people queued up to taste some traditional Austrian foods. The buffet offered choices such as Schnitzel, Tiroler Gröstl, and braised veal.

After dinner everyone stuck around for a few more drinks until the restaurant closed. Some people were not yet ready to finish the night and continued the party at Club Lutz. The rest walked home satisfied and surrounded by the high old buildings Vienna is known for, already looking forward to next year’s SCM Network Christmas Dinner.

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