As our first online network event on the 22nd of May we hosted our first Pub Quiz – Corona edition – for the SCM Network. In total 25 members took part in the quiz using the online platform Zoom.

The pub quiz included 40 questions about different topics, testing the SCM knowledge as well as some general education or just pure instinct regarding some tough estimation questions. The questions were explained in the so-called “main room” by the hosts, then the teams were sent to the “breakout rooms” and had a couple of minutes for each question to discuss their answers. All answers were gathered in a Google forms and sent to the hosts after the pub quiz was over.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the first online event and want to congratulate the winning teams! The whole evening was great fun and we’re looking forward to all future online events.

1st Place: “Group 6” (Yiannis, Alena, Wolfgang and Roy)

2nd Place: “Pizza & Chill” (Yvonne, Tamara, Pauline, Pyry and Rafaela)

3rd Place: “Transatlantic Alliance” (Malte, Yvette, Simon and Angie)