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On March 6th, 15 students of the Supply Chain Management Network Vienna participated in a workshop with Accenture at WU. The topic of the evening “Consultant for One Night”, included a brief presentation of the consultants (all SCM Alumni) followed by different case studies, which had to be analyzed, discussed and solved by the participants.

To begin, the alumni Lukas Gisch and Daniel Kohlmann talked about Accenture as a company, its business model and global presence. Thereafter, three different case studies were presented, which focused on current topics and challenges on the market. The SCM Network members had the opportunity to handle these cases by working in groups and presenting their results to the Accenture consultants. A final discussion granted the students with useful feedback.

After these case study presentations, Accenture invited all participants to a get together with food and drinks in order to give the students the possibility to talk face-to-face to the instructors and gain additional information about their work at Accenture.

The SCM Network wants to thank Accenture for this inspiring event and is looking forward to future events together.