After a successful first edition of Alumni Day in May 2016, gathering 80 participants, the SCM Network had no choice but to repeat the event in 2017.

Striving to reunite SCM Alumni once a year for an afternoon of talks followed by dinner and an after party, Alumni Day also welcomes current students and all in all it is an opportunity for everyone to connect and reconnect. And so, this year’s edition exceeded all expectations and sold out its 100 spots.

The event kicked off early in the afternoon at the WU with 2 presentations from 2012 and 2013 Alumni (Niclas and Marvin), bringing perspectives on analytics in project management and improvement as well as experiences in leadership development and people management. In order to involve participants actively in the afternoon, an instant surveying tool was used by all speakers to ask questions to the audience.

After a quick review of the history of the SCM Network, along with coffee, cake and a few minutes in the sun, the day moved along with a discussion panel held by Judith (2011), Charlotte (2010) and Carolin (2014) and moderated by SCMN Alumni Representative Stephan. Coming from different fields (academia, consulting and industry), the discussion was structured around topics of work-life balance, career development and remuneration, providing valuable insights on similarities and differences among these fields.

To wrap up the afternoon, all participants enthusiastically welcomed Nadir Hamidou (Danone) who gave a fantastic keynote speech focused around his career path and the role of supply chain management in a company like Danone.

The personal and professional experiences shared by the speakers were truly inspirational and revealed that in fact developing a career in supply chain management requires not only analytical skills and expertise, but also communication skills and leadership.

Before heading to dinner all participants and organizers gathered for a picture outside. A short walk to Gasthaus Möslinger and all stomachs were ready for a delicious 3-course buffet of regional Austrian specialties. The most tenacious continued on to Lutz Club to dance the night away.

The SCM Network would like to specially thank all speakers that were present during the day as well as all participants coming from Vienna and abroad to participate in this magical day! We hope you all had a blast – this could not have happened without you !

See you next year !