Why network with us?


SCM Network members have expertise in many different areas of Supply Chain Management. Because of the broad educational and professional backgrounds of our members, we provide expertise in many supply chain related fields.


With students from many different countries and cultural backgrounds in the Master programme, the SCM Network members have a strong international focus and enjoy working in multi-cultural and diverse environments.

Team Players

Students in the SCM Network function as a team. Teamwork is fostered throughout the studies where tasks are mostly completed working together in groups. In addition, social activities, such as sports sessions and participation in tournaments, stimulate team spirit.

Alumni Reach

SCM Network members have an excellent reach to our alumni community. This is a good opportunity to raise your company’s brand recognition and reach out to possible customers, business partners or new colleagues to work with.


The SCM Network is very flexible and can consider your individual needs in creating a tailor-made event for your company. Different types of events ranging from field trips to workshops or dinner parties can be organised in accordance with your desires.

Your Opportunities


The SCM Network can organise a workshop on WU Campus with your company. Workshops are an excellent opportunity to delve into our community’s expertise and skill while sharing information about your company. If you are interested in doing a workshop with us, contact us below!

Job Board

Do you have a job opportunity you would like to share with our members? Contact us below and get your job opportunity shared onour job board! It is the best and most efficient way to reach our community!

Company Visit

The SCM Network can help you to organise a visit to your working site. It is a great opportunity to show your own work place to our community, explain your daily operations and attract some of our talents. If you are interested, please contact us below to organise a visit!


The SCM Network offers many options for partnerships with companies and we are open to discuss new innovative ideas of cooperation with you. In 2016, Cargo-Partner became our Sports Partner by supporting all our sports activities. It is also possible to become a Social or Corporate Partner, contact us below to get more information!